Contents of Business

"e-face" is a company of Paris Miki Holdings (Paris Miki and Miki Glasses). We have produced the beauty and health. We research and develop skincare products and health foods, start-up new businesses and produce new brands.

Our main skin care products

  • The series of innovative aging care*1 series that was born from cutting-edge stem cell technology HAS*2 that awakens the skin's intrinsic ability, and B-glucanthat*3has supreme moisturizing effects Adding these two beauty components to every product leads to future skin derived from the past.
    *1 Skin care responding to age
    *2 human adipocyte acclimation culture fluid extract
    *3 Moisturizing factors
    AKIKO Rich Moist Cleansing Balm
    AKIKO Black Moist Soap
    AKIKO HAS-β Premium Essence
    AKIKO Biocellulose Approach Mask
    AKIKO UV cut agent SPF20 PA++
  • “Reijinka” series  The power of gold and placenta

    “Reijinka”is a special care series which contains “Gold Capsule”, placenta and hyaluronic acid which are two major cosmetic ingredients. “Gold Capsule” is an encapsulated nanoized gold wraps up placenta.
    Reijinka gold placenta
    Reijinka gold placenta lotion
    Reijinka gold placenta cream
  • Developed in the field of dermatology, sustained-delivery vitamin C derivatives※1replenish moisture and awaken the elasticity and luster of mature skin in this complete anti-aging care※2range.
    ※1 Moisturizing ingredient (labeled as disodium isostearyl ascorbyl phosphate)
    ※2 Care tailored to your age.
    Brightening skin lotion
    Brightening essence
    Brightening cream
  • “you may be so… “ series  Blessing from nature gives energy to the beauty of your skin

    This is a natural skincare series which contains natural hot spring water at the ancient legendary place ”Okuizumo” and domestic natural ingredients which are highly expected effectiveness on anti-aging.
    Moist charge cleansing
    Moist charge washing
    Moist charge lotion
    Moist charge essence
  • “Junkinka”skin care gold leaf, the special eye mask

    You can enjoy the quality same as a beauty treatment salon using the“Junkinka”gold leaf willingly at home. This gold leaf mask of most high purity 24K, is for exclusive use of under eyes for beauty use.

hair care

  • Rei Jin So

    Using advanced technology, we have refined and condensed carefully-selected naturally-derived ingredients*. This medicated hair tonic will prevent hair thinning, hair loss, dandruff, and itchiness, while promoting the growth of hair with body and resilience.
    * Alkaloid from Stephania cepharantha (active ingredient), carrot extract, loquat extract, coix seed extract (moisturizing ingredient), etc.
    <Quasi-pharmaceutical product> Medicated hair lotion GNC

Dietary Supplement Main health and beauty products

  • Blueberry Sweet Eye
    If you feel difficulty to read small letters and/or you frequently use PC, we recommend to take “Blueberry sweet Eye”. “Blueberry sweet Eye” is a healthy drink which contains anthocyanine-rich blueberries. You can enjoy it anytime.
  • Placenta Collagen Eye
    This beauty drink contains collagen and other beauty ingredients in a balanced form, along with horse placenta extract powder purely extracted from rare thoroughbred placentas.
  • You may be so…Aojiru + Collagan
    This delicious drink contains vegetables which many people do not take sufficiently these days. It also contains hyaluronic acid and collagen which decrease in human body with growing age.
  • Wild grass enzyme "Kogane-Murasaki"
    “Kogane-Murasaki”contains “raw enzyme”which is aged and fermented carefully selected materials, platinum nano colloid and kintoki ginger.
  • Ryukoku Moromi vinegar series
    It is the health vinegar includes natural citric acid abstracted from a black Aspergillus in longevity island “Okinawa”, amino acids, various kinds of vitamins and minerals.
    passion fruit
    straight vinegar
  • Ryoma Soken
    With the combined power of ingredients such as seahorse extract and horse placenta extract, this is all you need to recharge your stamina and bring you back to life.
  • Zhang-Zhi Tea
    It is the healthy tea which blended Pu-ehr tea with Antrodia Camphorata; a mushroom peculiar to Taiwan which is parasitic on only camphor trees. Trieterpenoids and β-glucan in Antrodia Camphorata are richer than Ganoderma lucidum, Agaricus blazei Murril or Fomes yucatensis.