In the 21st century and protracted life society, it is an eternal theme-forever- on the basis of a wish of “it is richly and health still more youthfully and beautifully”, “e-face” began beauty and healthy associated business in 2000 by the thought which wants to provide the highest service for each person’s customer.

Now, the importance of a quality of life comes to be called for, and the knowledge about each person’s beauty and health and concern are very high.

We pursue “beauty” and “health” which harmonized that it was natural, and in order to send better products to you, we are doing high quality manufacturing of the intention for the real thing by the ingredient and process adhering to safety.

In addition, development of the skin care to match with each one by the mutual skin diagnosis using a smart phone, or iPad and an “air micro” is also challenged.

Furthermore, we wish to carry out the help of your beauty and the making of health also to product development taking advantage of the evidence and know-how which have been cultivated through management of aesthetic salons. Best regards.

Lunettes Co., Ltd
e-face representative Akiko Iyo